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The Toolkit is a guide on the use of relevant digital tools/apps and how they can be implemented in a digital service-learning context.

The main aims of this guide are:

Providing practical guidance and tools for HEI educators, wishing to incorporate digital service-learning activities into their curricula/teaching strategies
Increasing HE educators’ and students’ confidence in using digital tools
Promoting the use of service-learning, therefore the benefits of it, like learning outside the classroom; applying knowledge to real-life problems; fostering personal growth and development; reinforcing citizenship and civic engagement, and building networks to community partners.

Who is the Toolkit for?

The Toolkit is created for HE educators/lecturers to implement digital service-learning courses. Teachers can choose to adopt these new digital resources to implement them in their classes. This Toolkit can also support HEI managers, students and older learners to practically implement a service-learning project either partially or fully online.

Why use the Toolkit?

This Toolkit for HE educators includes a set of digital tools and approaches for adapting the service-learning pedagogy in classrooms in a digital way. The purpose of the Toolkit is to help HE teachers design and implement a learning program. The Toolkit describes how adaptive learning can be implemented by using an app or platform that could be easy to use in a classroom setting.

The tools are divided according to the different phases of service-learning. The tools are useful for the development of digital service-learning pedagogy in an optimal and orderly way. They are explained in this guide below.

To use the toolkit either:

  • Browse online using the interactive flippy book
  • Click the “download button” and save to your own device
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