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On 17th July, partners of the IDOL project convened virtually for an intensive full-day session to discuss the progress of the project and plan upcoming events. The agenda was packed with significant topics, including the refinement of the much-anticipated PR3 Hackathon guide.

Focus on the PR3 Hackathon Guide
The day's primary focus was the finalisation of the PR3 Hackathon guide, a collaborative effort led by EUEI and JGU. This guide is seen as a cornerstone for the upcoming series of hackathons, offering a comprehensive roadmap for organising these events. The discussion centered around the design and pilot testing of the guide, ensuring it meets the diverse needs of our higher education partners.

Plans for Upcoming Hackathon Events
Our higher education partners shared their excitement and detailed plans for hosting their own hackathon events. Utilising the IDOL hackathon guide, these events are poised to be a blend of innovation and practical learning. The partners discussed various logistics, including the structure of the events, potential topics, and the selection of prizes that would appeal to both higher education students and adult learners. The brainstorming session brought forth a plethora of ideas, reflecting the diversity and creativity inherent in our network.

Looking Ahead: Promoting IDOL Project Results
The meeting concluded with a forward-looking discussion on sharing and promoting the IDOL project results. Partners put forth strategies to reach our target audience effectively, ensuring the visibility and impact of our collaborative efforts. Plans were set in motion to achieve these goals, promising an exciting phase ahead for the IDOL project.

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