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Intergenerational Digital Service Learning (IDOL)

IDOL aims to design and develop a new teaching approach which empowers HEI staff and lecturers to implement intergenerational digital service learning through; innovative modes of collaboration, improved digital skills and better understanding of the role of service learning not just a “third mission” activity but as an essential part of HE educational mission.

Civic engagement is very important. We all live here together and we need to look out for one another.
Elizabeth Goreham

Not only is it nice to contribute to the community, but service-learning provides a more memorable and valuable learning experience with real life examples!

- Student (State University of New York)

JGU are frontrunners of an innovative interdisciplinary teaching method called “tandem teaching”. This co-teaching mode of collaboration facilitates intergenerational learning, but the approach is NOT widely known about or adopted by the HEI sector. Therefore IDOL will develop 3 main results to bring intergenerational digital service learning to life within HEIs.

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Project Activities

Result 01


Introduces HEI lecturers to the topic with rigorously researched, up-to-date knowledge on the impact of the pandemic on the practice of service learning, education and intergenerational relationships. The guide will provide best practices to shift service learning to digital service learning and will introduce the innovative method of “tandem teaching”.

Result 02


The Toolkit will provide practical guidance and tools for HEI educators and lecturers, wishing to incorporate digital service-learning activities into their curricula/teaching strategies, with a focus on increasing their confidence in using digital tools. These tools will practically support HEI staff, students and the older learners to practically implement the service-learning project either partially or fully online.

Result 03


The Guide will design, develop and implement a transferable and replicable model of HEI led intergenerational e-service learning which has the power and potential to positively build bridges among generations and help students & older learners in HEIs to collaborate beneficially.

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